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BTS Magazine is a unique publication with a unique readership.

BTS Magazine readers are parents who have high expectations for their children. Mums and dads who take responsibility for their child’s education and who actively seek out advice and guidance to further their child’s interests. They are media savvy, have multiple media devices and use digital media for most of their day-to-day needs.

Readership statistics
In September 2023 x 1000 recipients who took part in our reader survey:

89% were women – Composed  of mums (85%), childminders, female relatives.

11% were men – Composed of dads (90%), childminders, male relatives.

68% were in part time or full time work

78% owned their own homes
66% had an household income of over £46,000
43% had a household income of over £68,000
9% had a household income of over £100,000

3% were aged between 19 and 24

66% were aged between 25 – 39
24% were 40 and 59
7% were 60 or over

Family household:
On average our readers have 2.1 children with an average age gap of 2.7 years, meaning our average reader household contains 4.1 family members.

Average Number of Children per reader household 2.1.
Average age difference between children: 2.7 years.
48% of our reader households have a child under 2 years old.
31% have one child or more at secondary school.

In Summary
Our readership are predominantly mums who work and own their own homes. They find BTS informative and easy to use and trust the content because it comes to them via their child’s school. They read BTS mainly on tablets and desktops and enjoy the content and carefully selected offers we make available to them.



Live: 3rd January – 31st March
Artwork Submissions: 1st November – 6th December
Live Preview & Final Sign-off: 6th December – 13th December

Live: 1st August – 31st October
Artwork Submissions: 13th June – 17th July
Live Preview & Final Sign-off: 19th July – 26th July


2025 TBC


Each issue follows a similar broad pattern:

CONTENTS: An overview of the current issue and a message from the Editor.

NOTICE BOARD: A round up of the latest news for parents.

COVER STORY: A high foot-print lead story featuring a celebrity such as; Nadya Hussain’s favourite family meals for the term ahead, Carol Vorderman’s top tips on supporting your child with science homework, Professor Brian Cox, explaining how your child learns science in school, or Supernanny Jo Frost, helping with bedtimes with her ‘Bath, Book, Bed’ routine.

EDUCATION: An in-depth feature by a BTS expert covering the KS1 and KS2 curriculum such as ‘Lessons in Literacy’ or ‘Magic Maths’ or a relevant Early Years Foundation Stage topic (2 – 4 years), e.g. ‘Starting School’, ‘Learning Through Play’ or ‘Phonics.’

HOMESCHOOL: An in-depth feature by a BTS expertcovering a relevant topic on how parent’s can support their child’s education at home, e.g. ‘Helping with Maths or Science Homework,’ ICT in schools and home and other parent support based issues.

PARENTING: An in-depth feature from a parenting perspective, e.g. ‘Get Your School Day Sorted’ by Kathryn Mews, The 3 Day Nanny, or ‘Bath, Book, Bed’ with Jo Frost.

FINANCIAL FUTURES: In-depth and engaging feature advising on family finances, money matters, insurance, savings and investments etc.

TRAVEL: Summer packages, winter hot spots or weekend getaways; we have the best family friendly holiday advice at the click of a button.

SCHOOL NURSE: A newsy style montage or an in-depth feature by a BTS expert looking at seasonal or topical kid’s health & welfare issues.

NUTRITION NEWS: A round up of the latest news and foodie tips, or an in-depth nutritional feature from our nutrition experts usually from the British Nutrition Foundation.

RECIPES: Delicious and nutritious recipes from TV favourites such as Jamie Oliver, Nadiya Hussain, Mary Berry, Deliciously Ella and Hemsley + Hemsley.

BOOK BAG: A selection of wonderful books covering each of the key stages, great for ravenous and reluctant readers alike.

EQUIPMENT ROUNDUP: All the latest seasonal selections, accessories and must have equipment.

Plus, much, much, more with newsy, pop-up and video features covering the issues and concerns of parents as they arise.


Editorial Enquiries: Amanda Gerrard [email protected]

Design and Production Enquiries: [email protected]

Sales Enquiries: [email protected]

Back To School Magazine


• Join Britain’s top brands!

• REACH: 1.8 million families of children at preschool and primary school

• BTS is the largest reach digital magazine read by parents of pre-school & primary-school children in the UK

Back to School digital magazine reaches parents through pre-school and primary schools, with a carefully targeted issue running from the 1st August – 31st October, reaching over 1.8 million families at the exact time of year when parents will be thinking about and buying all the things they need for their children for the new school year ahead. We can put you in touch with these families with the average parent spending over £1,700 per child.


BTS Mag is available completely free of charge to every parent of every child at pre-school & primary-school.

BTS Mag is recommended reading by headteachers via regular links in school newsletters to our live online issues.

The editorial is a must-read for parents to keep up with the constant changes in educational initiatives and school life – and to have expert advice on everything from food and finances to holidays, health and homework for parents of pupils aged 3-11.

Containing informative, engaging, content including celebrity interviews and features to help parents get the best out of school and home life. From homework to holidays, finances and food. Plus our very popular, fun parenting quizzes. BTS is the essential read for mums in the know.